The Gnomon Workshop

Introduction to MODO


Gennaro Esposito headshot

Gennaro Esposito
3D Artist at MPC London


Gennaro is a 3D Artist specializing in Enviroment and Hard Surface modeling. He has more than 8 years of experience in CGI and Motion Graphics and is currently working on "The Lion King" as a Modeler TD at MPC London. He is also the CEO of the Digital Shark Academy and in his career he had the opportunity to work on commercials and films for a number of clients, among which: Cum Studio in Singapore for “Mobile Strike Battalion” CGI commercial, Gadget-Bot in Los Angeles, Razer and SKY Italia. Gennaro is a MODO Certified Trainer for Foundry. Together with Scifi Mecha and soccer, teaching is a great passion of Gennaro and he's very happy and proud when his students reach professional success.